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What We Do

Here at eccessories by ellen we take pride in transforming average events into unforgettable experiences and designing  exceptional client experiences, making everyone feel valued, celebrated, relaxed relaxed and very much a part of our family – forming lasting relationships for years to come!

Our bespoke service delivery focuses on designing and planning events right down to fulfilling the detailed needs of every client. With listening, respecting, understanding and complementing the wants and desires of the client, eccessories brings you a laid back vibe and style for your stress free planning. – We take your dream event and turn it into a reality!


Each one of our creative packages is designed and crafted to bring your event theme alive and also create an ambiance that reflects who and what you stand for. – our team also works alongside you for all your planning.

Our services include, weddings, baby showers, corporate events (including VIP lounges), music festivals, catering and so much more. We also can connect you with the right vendors for your event, all covered during a one-to-one consultation with you.


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White table with purple and pink flowers in vases and silver plate settings eccessories by ellen


This collection is for our couple who wants their planner every step of the way. Our client’s mind is put at ease, knowing every detail of their wedding is covered. With our Full Collection, we are here to help you plan, advise, create, and execute every aspect of your day. Being there for you every step of the way. Coordinating every detail and designing every aspect of the wedding day so all you have to do is enjoy every moment

A variety of spandex table cover designs including purple, green, blue, gold, and more


We design and provide event theme based spandex covers for chairs, tables and pillows for your event.

Our distinguishable spandex covers are one of our best selling products, enhance your event through our “theme branding” resources.


Do you want to make your  corporate/personal event uniquely your own? Great, we can assist you with that as well. You can choose your menu, your layout, your entire event plan. Don’t worry if you don’t get it quite right the first time. We have a specialist that can walk you through the entire process. Just get started and pick out your main features we will help you with the rest.

white lounge chairs and couches with green and white decor eccessories by ellen


People eating at picnic tables at Jamaican Jerk Festival Lounge set up by eccessories by ellen


We create and manage your festival lounge using your own unique branding style for your fixtures e.g. spandex and furniture etc. providing a personalized experience for your attendees.

Eccessories by Ellen management helps to allocate spaces for sign-ups, check-in, waitlists, including all seating areas.



Our professional team at Eccessories by Ellen, will manage the planning for your next big event. After all, we are professionals so why not enjoy the experience as much as your guests! We assist with Bridal Showers, full/partial Wedding events, Music Festival, Baby Showers, Birthdays, and many more!



Corporate presence is vital to every aspect of your business.  At Eccessories by Ellen we want to ensure that your brand stays relevant to your event themes and on budget and meet marketing milestones. Let us manage your corporate event planning; logistics and media

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